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Typhoon Bailu is Coming Ministry of the Interior calls the public to be ready for the typhoon prevention

Typhoon Bailu Central Emergency Operation Center
Press Release 9a.m., August 23, 2019
Typhoon Bailu is Coming
Ministry of the Interior calls the public to be ready for the typhoon prevention
In response to the Typhoon Bailu, which is at a high speed of about 24 kilometers per hour coming toward the east and south of Taiwan. the Ministry of the Interior has set up Central Emergency Operation Center at 08:00 on August 23, 2019,with which that ministries and commissions cooperated with local governments on carrying out various works to respond disaster relief and prevent typhoon.The CEOC will immediately hold an information evaluation meeting and a work report at 9:00 to control the typhoon status and possible threats, and a press conference will be held after the meeting.
The typhoon center is located in 910 kilometers above the southeast of Taipei City right now, moving toward northwest. Its storm circle is approaching the ocean of southeast Taiwan, posing a threat to the sea in southeast Taiwan (including Lanyu, Green Island), the Bashi channel and and southern Taiwan Strait. The sailing and working vessels shall be alert strickly. It is estimated that the future strength of the typhoon will increase and the storm circle will expand,long wave will be occur in the coastal areas with strong gusts and it shall be avoid going to the beach. Tomorrow(24th), the typhoon will be closest to Taiwan, so heavy rain and extremely heavy rain will happen in part of the areas in the eastern and southern Taiwan.
CEOC requests each unit to be more vigilant and positively face with the whole situation, while reminding all sectors of carrying out disaster prevention and preparation earlier, be more alert and embody a variety of anti-Typhoon measures, and give the following tips:
The Central Meteorological Administration is requested to keep monitoring the status of typhoon and maintain close contact with each disaster prevention unit, while using multiple channels to provide issued alert and news, as well as weather overview to the public. The work report shall be conveyed to local governments for acknowledgment.
The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Transportation, the Council of Agriculture and other central ministries are requested to intensify the preparation. Each functional units shall request its disaster prevention personnel to continue the implementation.
The Ministry of Transportation and Communications is requested to make pre-planning and supporting measures for the air, land, sea and rail transportation. If there are vehicle suspension measures on the offshore island routes, please call the public to response early intensively.Especially for road sections that are prone to cause disasters, other backup and transportation dredging plan shall also be prepared in advance to reduce traffic shocks caused by the disaster.
Analysis of weather conditions indicates that it is possible that heavy rain and extremely heavy rain will occur in part of the eastern and southern Taiwan. The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Council of Agricultureand other central ministries are requested to urge the local governments to take disaster prevention measures such as urban sewer drainage and water facilities preparation.
The Council of Agriculture is requested to notify the fishing radio station to inform the offshore working vessels of early entry into the harbor for typhoon prevention and to pay attention to the safety of the personnel in the working vessels at sea.In addition, the relevant protective measures for coastal aquaculture shall be strengthen as well.
This typhoon happens to come on holidays,please intensify to call the public who enter the mountains in the sightseeing area to get off the mountain early. Moreover, the Central Weather Bureau also issued a long wave report, focusing on the north and east part of Taiwan (including Lanyu, Green Island) and the coastal area of Hengchun Peninsula.  Please remind public to avoid engaging in seaside water activities.
Due to the invasion and attack of heavy rain ahd typhoon, the Council of Agriculture is requested to immediately start the risk disposal mechanism to prevent fluctuations in the price of fruits and vegetables; meanwhile, to explain actively the government's response to the public, properly allocate agricultural products for supply and marketing, and stabilize the price of staple merchandise.The Central Emergency Operation Center also call upon the public to reinforce the measures of fastening advertising signs, hanging objects, potted plants, doors and windows, water towers on the roof, and to prevent flooding disasters, especially for the residents on the mountains. Please cooperate with our government on those preventive evacuation measures to ensure lives and security of the property.
For the latest status of typhoon and disaster situation, please visit Disaster Information Station (www.emic.gov.tw/) and Facebook Fan Page of the Fire Service Department, the Ministry of Interior (www.facebook.com/NFA999/). (drafted by: Lung, Chia-Yu; Phone: 02-81966100).



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