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Central Emergency Operation Center for Typhoon Bailu

Central Emergency Operation Center for Typhoon Bailu
Newsletter                                  2019/8/23, 03:00 pm

With Typhoon Bailu approaching, both the land and sea warnings are issued.
  The Ministry of Interior hereby reminds the public to raise vigilance and take precautions.
In response to the forthcoming Typhoon Bailu, the Ministry of Interior had set up the Central Emergency Operation Center at 8:00 am today (August 23rd), and various ministries and departments along with the local governments have implemented various anti-typhoon measures and disaster relief and response operations. The Central Emergency Operation Center held the second Intelligenec Research Meeting at 02:00 pm, and the 2nd working session was held by the Minister of Interior, Kuo-Yung Hsu, as the commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center at 03:00 pm, after which the press conference was held.
With Typhoon Bailu approaching Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications had issued the land and sea warnings at 2:30 pm on August 23rd. The Central Emergency Operation Center was upgraded to the 1st level, with the Emergency Operation Center in Taitung County being raised to the 1st level, and the Emergency Operation Centers in Hualien County, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County being raised to the 2nd level.
According to the Central Weather Bureau, the typhoon is currently located 600 kilometers to the southeast of Taitung, and it is moving northwest at a speed of 24 kilometers per hour towards the southeastern part of Taiwan, posing a threat to Taitung, Hengchun Peninsula and Pingtung. Taitung (including Lanyu and the Green Island), Hengchun Peninsula and Pingtung shall be strictly guarded against strong winds and heavy rains. Vessels that navigate and operate in the eastern half of Taiwan, the Bashi Channel and the Taiwan Strait shall strictly take precautions. Under the influence of the typhoon's peripheral circulation, as of the afternoon on August 23rd (today), the northern part of Taiwan, the eastern half (including Lanyu and the Green Island) and the coastal area of Hengchun Peninsula will be subject to long waves and strong gusts, and beach activities shall be avoided.
The Central Weather Bureau also said that the typhoon at Level 7 according to the Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale will reach he southeastern part of Taiwan on the morning of August 24th during the whole day. The time when the typhoon affects Taiwan most intensely is August 24th, with local heavy rains or torrential rains in the eastern and southern parts of the Taiwan probably. The rain will gradually become apparent tonight. The Minister of Interior, Kuo-Yung Hsu, as the commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center hereby reminds the local governments to implement various anti-typhoon measures and points out the keypoints as follows:
  1. The government continues to appeal to the public to be warned of accidents caused by the previous Typhoon Lekima. To avoid danger, do not go to the dangerous areas for hiking, river trekking, watching the tide, playing with water or fishing.
  2. The instructions given in the previous working session include assisting the fishermen to land ashore, advocating the public to avoid engaging in seaside and mountain activities, strengthening the supporting measures for the suspension of sea, land and air transportation, starting the mechanism to deal with the risk of fruit and vegetable price fluctuations, etc. Each functional group and related departments shall urge local governments to implement relevant measures.
  3. The Central Weather Bureau must continue to monitor the dynamics of the typhoon, the intelligence research data from the working session must be conveyed to local governments, and the Ministry of Interior must urge the local governments to launch the Emergency Operation Center timely at a proper level for the alert area.
  4. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications must strengthen the implementation of road closures for flood-prone roads for early warnings and continue to announce information such as public transport suspensions and road closures.
  5. With the weekday around the corner, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education and the Coast Guard Administration should step up to persuade the public and students to avoid engaging in water activities on the riverside or the seaside. Also, the entrance control, admission control and dissuasion from hiking shall be implemented at the national parks and forest recreation areas.
  6. The resettlement group shall be in close contact with the local governments, and the high-risk disaster-prone areas shall be prepared for evacuation and resettlement before tonight.
  7. The Ministry of Economic Affairs shall supervise the local governments to strengthen the operation of pumping stations, pump presets and sandbag preparation. The relevant preparations shall be completed in advance for reservoir flood discharging, river surging and flood control. In addition, the large-scale water supply pipeline repair project in the central region has affected the water supply and the turbidity of the raw water has increased. In the future, the rain may further raise the turbidity of the raw water in the southern region to affect the water supply for people's livelihood. The Ministry of Economic Affairs shall also prepare for the potential problem.
The Ministry of Interior once again stress that before the typhoon stricks, the public shall clean up the outdoor ditch, fix the signboards, doors and windows, and put away the potted plants on the balcony. The public shall also prepare the flashlights and batteries, be careful when the typhoon comes, and keep track of the typhoon.
For the latest typhoon dynamics and disaster situation, please visit the Disaster Information Station (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook fan page of the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior (www.facebook.com/NFA999/). (Written by: Leng Chia-yu, Tel: 02-81966100).


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