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The wind and power of Bailu with strong wind and heavy rain attacking Taiwan

Typhoon Bailu Central Emergency Operation Center (CEOC)
Press Release                      August 24, 2019 15 a.m.

The wind and power of Bailu with strong wind and heavy rain attacking Taiwan
 According to the analysis data of Central Weather Bureau, typhoon has touched the land at 滿州鄉, Pingtung County today at 1 p.m. Its current center is at Hengchun Peninsula and moving towards west southwest. Its typhoon circle has covered Eastern and Southeastern Taiwan and the land south to Chaiyi and will pose threats to region south to Changhua, Nantou, Hualien, Taitung, Hengchun Peninsula, Penghu and Kinmen. The wind and rain at each place will continue.
Affected by typhoon and its surrounding circulation flow, strong wind and long tide could occur at the costal area of Northern, Eastern (including Lanyu, Green Island) and Southern Taiwan as well as Penghu, Kinmen and Matzu. Please avoid going for beach activities. Navigating and working ships at the sea beside Eastern Taiwan, Bashi Channel, Taiwan Strait and the sea near Pratas Island should be strictly prepared. In addition, stronger wind could easily occur today (24th) at the bigger Taipei region due to the surrounding circulation flow of typhoon. Please be extra careful.
The 5th information meeting was held today (24th) at 2 p.m. and then the 5th work meeting was held at 3 p.m. Commander and minister, Hsu Guo-Yong was constantly caring about all kinds of dynamics and disasters whene typhoon Bailu is coming and even emphasizing that all kinds of information should be updated promptedly. Supplementary explanation should be provided if necessary. Please ask each functional group and local government to enhance alert and actively prepare for disaster prevention procedures. It was also reminded that safety comes first for the first-line rescue personnel. Finally, he also instructed the following key points:
  1. For the matters instructed by the prime minister during the 4th work meeting, local governments must be ready for the prevention in advance. Each local government should establish corresponding level of response according to the procedures for emergency operation centers. Moreover, the Ministry of the Interior should supervise the emergency operation centers of the local government to enhance establishment level according to the standard operating procedures. For the repair of relevant emergency livelihood facilities, we ask our colleagues to conduct the repairing where their safetyness is guaranteed.
  2. The matters instructed in the previous work meeting, such as enhancing the supersion on the local to test the function of water pump station; helping the fishermen back to shore and making arrangements; promoting to general public to avoid conducting sea and mountain activities; completing the preparation for evaculatin and containment;enhancing the supporting measures for sea, land, aero transportation stoppage; activating risk system for the fluctuation on vegetable and fruit price, etc. Please ask each functional group and relevant ministries to urge local government implement the executions.
  3. Today (24th) is the most effective period of the typhoon. News Publication Group, please continue to inform the media to call for general public that do not conduct unnecessary outdoor activity to ensure ones’ own safety, especially the people inside the alert zone.
  4. The weekend is around the corner. Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education and Coast Guard Administration, please enhance the promotion to the general pubic and students to avoid conduting river activities, sea tide watching and any water activities. Each unit, please enhance the promotion and call for the general public not to go to the beach for tide observing. Central Weather Bureau has continued to make special reports at the beach, especially the counties and cities outside the alert zone.
  5. The previous low pressure belt brought quite some rain to Central and Southern Taiwan. The moisture content of the soil in the mountain is saturated. Please be extra careful to avoid the occurrence of landslide and disaster on slopeland. Regarding the red alert for landslide issued by Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, please contact the local government to execute evaculation and containment and arrangement before night.
At the same time, we call for the general public to enhance their alert. Prepare a bit more, then you can have less a bit of disaster. Everyone should pay attention to strong wind and heavy rain, enhance the fixed measures for advertisement signs, hangings, potted plants, doors, windows, fences and the water tower at the roof of scaffolding building, place and arrange the potted plants at the balcony well, enhance the cleaning of drainage ditch. There will be more rain. Remind the general public to prevent flood, especially those living in the mountain. Please ask them to cooperate with the preventive evacuation measures of the government to ensure their own safety of life and properties.
For latest typhoon dynamics and disaster situation, please go to the Central Emergency Operation Center (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook Page of National Fire Agency, MOI (www.facebook.com/NFA999/). (Drafted by Leng, Jia Yu, Tel: 02-81966100).
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