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Typhoon Mita is approaching! The Ministry of Interior calls on the public to make preparations against typhoon!

Central Emergency Operation Center for Typhoon MitaNewsletter                     2019/9/29, 10:30 A.M.

Typhoon Mita is approaching!
The Ministry of Interior calls on the public to make preparations against typhoon!
Today (29th) at 8:30 a.m., the Central Weather Bureau issued sea warnings against Typhoon Mita. According to the analytical data from the Central Weather Bureau, the typhoon path predicted by various countries is still uncertain. On September 30th and October 1st, the typhoon's peripheral circulation will affect Taiwan, and the Central Weather Bureau does not rule out the possibility of issuing land warnings.
According to the latest weather data, the intesnsity of Typhoon Mita has slightly increased over the past three hours. Its center is currently in the southeastern part of Taipei and moving northwest. Its storm circle is approaching Bashi Channel, posing a threat to Bashi Channel and the southeastern sea area of Taiwan (including the Orchid Island and Green Island). At sea, vessels sailing and working in the seas of southeastern Taiwan (including the Orchid Island and Green Island) and Bashi Channel shall take strict precautions. It is expected that the intensity of this typhoon will be strengthened and the storm circle will expand in the future.
In response to Typhoon Mita, the Ministry of Interior established the Central Emergency Operation Center at 9:30 am on September 29th, 2008. The ministries and departments will work with local governments to implement various anti-typhoon and disaster relief response operations. (Deputy Commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center & Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication) Wang Kuo-Tsai requires all units to be vigilant and actively face typhoon attacks. In particular, since September 26th, some areas in Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Ilan County have experienced flooding due to heavy rain. The Central Emergency Operation Center hereby reminds all levels of government to carry out disaster prevention and preparation operations in advance, raise their alert levels and implement various anti-typhoon measures. In addition, the following key tasks shall be implemented:
  1. The Central Weather Bureau shall continuously monitor the typhoon dynamics and maintain close contact with the various disaster prevention units, while using multiple channels to provide the public with alarm messages and general weather conditions. The analytical data and relevant intelligence from the working meeting must be conveyed to the local governments to strengthen contact with local governments.
  2. Now, the time is exactly the weekend. For the Coastal Scenic Area, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications shall inform its affiliates and local governments to encourage people to avoid watching waves and water activities at the sea. The Coast Guard Administration under the Ocean Affairs Council shall cooperate and assist in coastal control.
  3. The Council of Agriculture shall strengthen the implementation of protective measures for coastal aquaculture fisheries, remind vessels working at sea to pay attention to personnel safety and enter into the harbor to avoid the wind at a early time, and take the initiative to consult local governments to properly resettle non-national fishermen.
  4. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications shall supervise the Vessel Administration Unit to implement and strengthen mooring operations for vessel safety in the ship berthing area. For the disaster-prone roads located on the east windward side, it is necessary to strengthen road closures based on early warnings and strengthen the announcements for suspensions and road closures. Especially for the new route of "Suao-Hualien," please pay special attention to the safety of maritime navigation.
  5. Before October 2nd, the tide is high, which is not conducive to flood discharge in coastal areas. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Interior shall urge local governments to ensure that flood control and drainage systems and underground drainage systems can function properly. In particular, sewers and works during construction, as well as areas that have been infested by heavy rains in recent days, shall be closely monitored to avoid secondary disasters from the rain.
For the latest typhoon dynamics and disaster situation, please visit the Disaster Information Station (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook fan page of the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior (www.facebook.com/NFA999/). (Written by: Leng Chia-yu, Tel: 02-81966100).
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