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Central Emergency Operations Center – Typhoon Vongfong

Typhoon Vongfong Approaching;
CEOC Urges All to Prepare for Extreme Weathers
11:30 this morning (May 16th), the Central Weather Bureau issued a sea warning for the approaching typhoon Vongfong, the first tropical storm this year (2020). According to CWB’s analysis, Vongfong will be closet to Taiwan in the evening of 17th and the morning of 18th. CWB is keeping a close eye on the typhoon and the extreme weathers that it may bring.
The latest weather data indicate that Vongfong has lost a small part of its strength as it passed through the Philippines in the last 3 hours. Its center is currently located somewhere on the sea south-southwest of Erluanbi and moving north towards northeast. The storm circle is approaching from the Bashi Channel and posing a threat to Bashi Channel and southeastern sea of Taiwan, including Lanyu and Ludao Islands; on the sea surface, vessels sailing or operating on the southeastern sea of Taiwan and Bashi Channel are advised to take extreme caution and stay away from dangers.
In response to the incoming Vongfong, Ministry of the Interior established the central emergency operations center (CEOC) on 11:30, May 16 2020. All departments of central government involved and local governments are now on high alert for the preparation for possible response actions needed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all people are asked not to lower their guards for the quarantine measures. The CEOC is staying in constant touch with the central epidemic command center and urging all response workers to put quarantine measures in practice, including body temperature measurement at entrances, disinfection with alcohol, wearing masks and staggered seating, as an effort to escalate the quarantine level at the CEOC.
The CEOC is urging all people to prepare for both the typhoon and pandemic as Vongfong is approaching. All people should stay on high alert and prepare for the possible extreme weathers. The following are some of the key works:
CWB and all levels of governments should provide information of warnings and weathers for people through available channels. All people are urged to stay safe while working or traveling in mountains or by rivers.
It just so happens that today and tomorrow are the Comprehensive Assessment Program (CAP) for junior high school students. Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Education are asked to maintain communications and provide CEOC necessary information for the response preparation and Ministry of Education for preparation in advance. Also, CWB is asked to provide weather updates, as to help with the implementation of the 2020 CAP program.
The pandemic is calming down in Taiwan and it is expected to see people start to go out for the weekend. Ministry of Transportation and Communications is asked to keep people who are planning to visit coastal sceneries informed in terms of ocean tides, long waves and weather conditions.  The Ocean Affairs Council and Coast Guard Administration are asked to provide assistance in coastal control.
Considering that long waves are known to cause high tides along the coastal highway of eastern Taiwan and, therefore, threats for people driving on the highway, Ministry of Transportation and Communications is asked to prepare for necessary controls and indicate alternative routes. Assistance should be provided to people who may be affected by cancelled flights or ships due to violent weathers for preparation in advance.
Violent waves are danger to vessels that are sailing or at berth. Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Council of Agriculture are asked to alert vessels operating at sea to stay safe and those at berth to double-check the mooring. In addition, Council of Agriculture is advised to provide shelter for fishing workers and report to CEOC of the sheltering.    For the latest typhoon updates and the damages made, visit the EMIC website at www.emic.gov.tw/ and the fan page of National fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NFA999/. (Written by Leng, Chia-Yu; Tel: 02-81966100).


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