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  • 2020-08-02 20:00:00
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Central Emergency Operation Center for Typhoon Hagupit

Typhoon Hagupit is approaching northeastern seas

The Central Emergency Operation Center instructs all levels of government to prepares for response efforts as the night falls

The latest weather update indicates that typhoon Hagupit is located at the sea just east southeast of Hualien and moving northwest towards north northwest. The projected trajectory will bring the typhoon closer to the northeastern and northern seas of Taiwan and posing a threat. Typhoon Hagupit has grown slightly in strength in the last three hours, as the conditions of atmosphere and ocean are in favor of the development of typhoon. It is expected to see the expansion of the typhoon in both strength and radius of high winds. The wind field analysis indicates that the average radius of Hagupit is 80km with the radius at 100km for its eastern half and 60km for its western half. Hagupit is located to the east of a grand depression belt and southwest of Pacific high. The air flows are leading the typhoon gradually toward north northwest.

The typhoon alarm issued by Central Weather Bureau indicates that Hagupit is most likely to be closet to Taiwan between late tonight and daytime tomorrow (Aug 3). Swells have been spotted along the coast of eastern, southwester Taiwan, coasts around Keelung, Penghu and Matsu. The winds and waves are expected to grow stronger tomorrow at the seas around Taiwan. With the typhoon closet to Taiwan tomorrow (Aug 3), western and northeastern Taiwan are prone to short showers or thunder showers with a chance of local torrential rain or heavy downpour.

Ministry of the Interior established the Central Emergency Operation Center on 9:00 a.m. Aug 2 2020 and all branches of central and local government are gathered for the response efforts. Deputy commander Chen Wen-Long, Director General of National Fire Agency MOI, called for the second work meeting and intelligence briefing 5:00 p.m.

Hagupit’s radius of level 7 winds is closing in on the northeastern seas of Taiwan and there is a chance of land typhoon warning. Deputy command Chen asked all functional groups in the meeting to stay on high alert and play active in the response efforts, and instructed all levels of government to have emergency preparation in place before nightfall. The following are some of the key points:
1. For the instructions in the previous meeting, including safety of vessels at sea, safe anchoring of vessels at berth, assistance in sheltering fishing workers, advice for the public against any activity by the sea and in the mountains, and the relief mechanism for cancelled land, sea and air transportations, all functional groups and departments involved are asked to oversee the implementation by local governments.
2. The Central Weather Bureau is asked to keep monitoring the movements of the typhoon and make sure that the intelligence shared in the meeting finds its way to local governments. In case that the typhoon is moving westwards and triggers both land and sea warnings, all functional groups and departments involved will have to prepare for the response efforts and Ministry of the Interior is asked to oversee the establishment of emergency operation centers at the local level within its warning areas when the time comes.
3. Ministry of Transportation and Communications is asked to prepare for preventive road blocks for transportation to/from outer islands and roads prone to disasters, and provide the public the convenient access to information of cancelled flights and ferries, cancelled trains and road blocks, thus keeping people safe and ready.

Ministry of the Interior once again urges the public to clean their ditches, secure signs and pot plants on the balconies, prepare flashlights and batteries and prepare for power outage. Again, all people are warned to stay safe and keep updated for typhoon information.

For the latest information of Typhoon Hagupit and disasters caused, please visit the disaster information website at www.emic.gov.tw/ and the fan page of National Fire Agency, MOI at www.facebook.com/NFA999/. (Edited by Leng, Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100)
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