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  • 2020-08-03 21:15:00
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Hagupit keeps growing in strength Central Emergency Operation Center urges all citizens to stay alert

Hagupit keeps growing in strength
Central Emergency Operation Center urges all citizens to stay alert

The latest weather update shows that typhoon Hagupit is located 150 km northeast of Keelung at sea and moving at 19 towards 24 km/h northwestward towards north northwestwards. Its storm radius has arrived at the northeastern sea of Taiwan, posing a threat to the northeastern and northern seas of Taiwan, posing a threat to northern and northeastern seas of Taiwan. The tide tables indicate high tides between lateer tonight (Aug 3) and early morning tomorrow (Aug 4). Flooding is a concern for coastal low lands and those who live at these places are advised for preparation.
As a response effort to Hagupit, Deputy commander Chen Wen-Long, Director General of National Fire Agency MOI, called for the fifth work meeting and intelligence briefing 15:00 Aug 3 2020. All functional groups are instructed to stay alert with typhoon response and keep a close eye on pandemic prevention. The following are some of the key points:
1. The Central Weather Bureau is instructed to keep watching the typhoon and stay in touch with all disaster prevention departments, while keeping all channels open for the public to access warning information and weather updates. All functional groups are asked to make sure that the latest information is forwarded to local governments.
2. Considering the losses of crops due to the gusts and torrential rain that come with the typhoon’s outer system, the risk handling mechanism that prevents violent fluctuations of produce prices should be activated when the time comes, as to maintain a balance between supply and demand.
3. Some of the domestic flights and ferries have been cancelled due to the typhoon. It is the summer time and also vacation season. The departments involved are asked to put appropriate measures in place and spread transportation information to the public via all possible channels. For passengers temporarily stranded on the eastern islands, their needs and those of the islanders have to be taken care of and the ferries need to be arranged once the coast is clear for sailing again.
4. All branches of government are asked to continue to stay tuned on disaster information and speed up the drainage where it is already flooding. Mobile pumps should be provided and water pumping equipment deployed as needed when local governments make their requests.
5. All people are advised against any water activity by river and sea. The coast guards have been asked to work together with local governments to set up no-go area and those who are conducting water activities, such as swimming and tide watching, will be asked to leave or even punished by monetary fines. Safety is most important.
    For the latest information of Typhoon Hagupit and disasters caused, please visit the disaster information website at www.emic.gov.tw and the fan page of National Fire Agency, MOI at www.facebook.com/NFA999/. (Edited by Leng, Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100)
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