Central Emergency Operation Center

Central Emergency Operation Center


  • 2020-11-05 15:30:00
  • Central Emergency Operation Center
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Atsani’s outer circulation fuels the increase of winds and waves All citizens are encouraged against any activity near the sea

The latest weather update indicates that tropical storm Atsani is located at the sea just southeast of Erluanbi and moving west towards west northwest. The projected trajectory will bring the storm closer to Bashi Strait, posing a threat to the sea southeast of Taiwan and the southern part of Taiwan Strait. Subject to the storm’s outer circulation, the winds and waves will start to pick up tonight till tomorrow morning (around 06:00). The open areas along the coasts of Hengchuan Peninsula and southeastern Taiwan, including Lanyu and Ludau, are warned to expect strong gusts up to level 10 or even stronger. Level 8 or 9 gusts are possible at open areas along the coasts of eastern Taiwan and north of central Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu; northern coasts of Keelung, coasts of eastern Taiwan (including Lanyu and Ludau, southwestern Taiwan and Hengchuan Peninsula are to expect long waves. Safety is advised for any activity near the sea.
Chen Wen-Lung, Deputy Commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center and Director-General of the National Fire Agency (Ministry of the Interior), summoned the second work report and information assessment meeting at 15:00. The available information at hand indicates a high possibility that the Central Weather Bureau is to issue both land and sea typhoon warning this evening. Should the storm stay on its current course, the Operation Center is likely to escalate to Level 1 at 20:30 later tonight. Government at all levels is advised for the following preparations:

www.emic.gov.tw/ and the fan page of National Fire Agency, MOI at www.facebook.com/NFA999/. (Edited by Leng, Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100)

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