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Central Emergency Operation Center


  • 2020-11-06 10:50:00
  • Central Emergency Operation Center
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Land warning is now official Central Emergency Operation Center urges all citizens to prepare for the tropical storm Atsani

The Central Weather Bureau just issued the land and sea warning for the tropical storm Atsani at 20:30 tonight. The Central Emergency Operation Center is now on Level 1 as of 20:30. The information of Central Weather Bureau suggests that the effects of the storm will be upon Taiwan on the 6th and the morning of 7th. Taitung (including Lanyu and Ludao), Pingtung and Hengchuan Peninsula are advised to prepare for strong winds and rainfall. Also, all vessels operating at Bashi Strait, southeastern seas of Taiwan and south of Taiwan Strait should stay on high alert.

Commander Hsu Kuo-yung, Minister of the Interior, called for the third work report and information assessment meeting at 21:45, instructing local governments to escalate the response level as appropriate while asking all departments of government and functional groups for the following preparations:

1.The same as the previous two meetings, all citizens are advised against activities at sea or in the mountains. Coastal areas should stay on high alert and safety is advised for all vessels operating at seas and all crews onboard, in addition to strengthened protection for coasting fish farming and supplies of utility and substances for remote islands. All agencies (departments) and functional groups are instructed to have response preparation in place.

2.Attention is advised to coasts outside of the warning areas, since there have been cases of casualties due to long waves in these areas. The Central Weather Bureau has issued an warning that coastal areas such as northern coasts of Keelung, easter Taiwan (including Lanyu and Ludao), southwestern Taiwan and Hengchuan Peninsula are susceptible to long waves and, therefore, local governments are advised to keep a close eye on what may happen.

3.As a humanitarian consideration, the agriculture and fishery group is instructed to pay attention to how local governments shelter foreign and Chinese fishing workers from the incoming storm. On top of that, the pandemic of COVID-19 is still ongoing and, therefore, all sheltering efforts shall be coordinated under the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center and assistance should be provided to local governments when needed. 

    The Ministry of the Interior stresses that the winds and waves are picking up and strong gusts and long waves have been spotted. Therefore, all citizens are advised against any coastal activities such as fishing or wave watching, and to stay tune on the latest weather updates.
    For the latest information of tropical storm Atsani and disasters caused, please visit the disaster information website at www.emic.gov.tw/ and the fan page of National Fire Agency, MOI at www.facebook.com/NFA999/. (Edited by Leng, Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100)
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