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  • 2021-07-22 00:00:00
  • Central Emergency Operation Center
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Typhoon In-fa is slowly approaching the northeastern sea area

The Central Emergency Operation Center requested governments at all levels to strengthen the preparation measures at night for the prevention and relief of the typhoon

        The latest weather data indicates that the intensity of the Typhoon In-fa has slightly increased and the radius of the typhoon has also expanded. At present, the center of the typhoon is located in the east south east sea area of Taipei and it is drifting west. The radius of the typhoon is gradually approaching the sea area in the eastern Taiwan and posts a threat to the sea area in the northeastern and southeastern of Taiwan. The sailing and operating vessels in the northeastern and southeastern sea area of Taiwan need to pay close attention. During this period of spring tide, the low-lying coastal areas need to be aware of flooding. Earthquakes frequently occurred in the eastern Taiwan in recent days and thus we need to be aware of landslides and falling rocks in the mountainous regions. High waves are expected to occur in the northern and eastern Taiwan (including Orchid Island and Green Island), Hengchun Peninsula and the coast area of Matsu; strong wind equivalent to Grade 8 to 9 are expected in the open space areas in the western, northeastern and eastern coastal areas, as well as in Kinmen and Matsu. The general public is also reminded to be aware of their safety and pay extra caution for any activities near the sea.
        The deputy minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Qi Wen-Zhong, who also serves as the deputy commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center, held the first working meeting and information research and judgment meeting for Typhoon In-fa at 22:00 today (7/21). The deputy commander instructed to strengthen the following preparation and preventive measures:
1. Please continue to monitor and pay close attention to the typhoon and dynamic conditions of severe weather, and please use diverse channels to provide the general public with various alert messages and weather overviews. At the current three-level pandemic alert by the Central Epidemic Command Center, the general public is also reminded to implement the typhoon relief measures. During the period of typhoon, everyone should stay at home, not going out or going to the beach for any sea activities.
2. At present, the radius of the typhoon has entered the sea area in eastern Taiwan, and the sea warning regions include the sea area in the northeast and southeast of Taiwan. For the coastal scenic attraction areas, please take relevant warning measures and strengthen promotion to the public, depending on the tide and high wave, and dynamic weather conditions; coastal control is also required to be implemented.
3. Please reinforce the promotion of implementation of relevant protective measures to the coastal aquaculture and fishery industry, and the operating vessels in the sea area are required to pay close attention.
4. Please reinforce the mooring operation of the ships docking in the port area to avoid stranding of the docked ships.
5. Please make preventive measures for transportation control and planning, especially for the flights or sea transportation that are cancelled due to the weather condition in the remote islands, diverse channels shall be implemented for promotion in advance.
6. Taking into consideration of the surrounding circulation that may cause strong winds on the land, please strengthen the propaganda for reinforcing the signboards, scaffolds, advertising boards, fences, road trees, etc. to prevent falling.
7. At present, with the impact of the typhoon and its peripheral circulation, rainfall occurred in the northern region of the nation. When the peripheral circulation of the typhoon gradually approaches, severe rainfall will occur and thus strengthening the water conservancy facilities is required and the function of the flood control and underground drainage systems in the low-lying areas need to be ensured.
8. As of now, the reporting news and the public is aware of the typhoon, farmers harvesting crops which may impact price fluctuations of agricultural products. The risk preventative mechanism is required to be immediately activated to prevent price fluctuations of vegetable and fruit, and it is necessary to actively explain the government's response measures to the public, so to balance the supply and marketing demand and stabilize the price of commodities.
9. Taking into consideration of the pandemic period, the high waves may cause merchant ships and fishing boats to dock at the ports. The epidemic prevention measures by the “Central Epidemic Command Center for Severe and Special Infectious Pneumonia” are required to be implemented, so that the risk of possible infection spreading of the epidemic can be reduced.
10. Earthquakes frequently occurred in the eastern Taiwan in recent days increases the risk of soil slope disasters, and thus we need to implement rainfall monitoring for the possible disaster highway sections as well as initiate the traffic control warnings as soon as possible.
        For the latest updates on the typhoon and disaster status, please visit the Central Emergency Operation Center’s disaster information website (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook of the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior (www.facebook.com/NFA999/) (this article is written by: Leng Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100).
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