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  • 2021-07-22 15:00:00
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Typhoon In-fa is slowly approaching

The torrential rains are expected to occur in northern Taiwan and the general public is urged not to go out
        The Central Weather Bureau issued sea warning for Typhoon In-fa at 20:30 yesterday (7/21) and the Central Emergency Operation Center immediately establish a level-two disaster response center. The latest weather data indicates that the center of Typhoon In-fa is currently located in the east southeast sea area of Taipei and it is turning slowly towards northwest to north northwest of Taipei. Its storm radius is currently approaching the sea area in eastern Taiwan and it is posing a threat to the sea area in northern, northeastern and southeastern Taiwan. High waves already occurred in the northern and eastern Taiwan (including Orchid Island and Green Island), Hengchun Peninsula and the coast area of Matsu; strong winds equivalent to Grade 8 to 10 are expected in the open space areas in the western, northeastern and eastern coastal areas, as well as in Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. The general public is also reminded to be aware of their safety and pay extra caution for any activities near the sea. Moreover, the temperature in Taitung, Hualien and Kinmen is high and please be aware as high temperature of 36 degrees occurred in some regions. Please pay more attention to protect oneself from the sun, drink more water and be careful of harm from the sun.
        The deputy minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Chen Zheng-Qi, who also serves as the deputy commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center, held the third working meeting and information research and judgment meeting for Typhoon In-fa at 15:00 today (7/22). The deputy commander instructed to strengthen the following preparation and preventive measures:
1. Taking into consideration of the current three-level pandemic alert by the Central Epidemic Command Center, the demands for merchant ships and fishing boats docking at the ports, the centralized quarantine station and quarantine hotel, shelter and resettlement sites, materials of epidemic prevention, storage capacity, and transportation arrangements for evacuation shall be conducted according to the epidemic prevention measures by the “Central Epidemic Command Center for Severe and Special Infectious Pneumonia” for border control and epidemic prevention measures. At the same time, the general public is urged to pay attention to epidemic prevention during the typhoon period as well as stay at home and not going out for any activities.
2. As the typhoon is gradually approaching the water area in northern Taiwan, the general public is urged not to conduct any activities in mountains, river and sea regions; the local governments are also requested to issue alert for warning areas and warning zones for the protection of people's lives and safety.
3. Taking into consideration of the current team established by the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, COA, in response to the collapsed Guanghua area in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. The current monitoring status of the slope continues to shift and it may collapse due to rainfall. Please continue to pay attention to the collapsed Guanghua area in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. It is necessary to keep close monitoring and continue to implement various response measures, as well as initiate various disaster relief and prevention measures in a timely manner.
4. During the period of spring tide and there is a possibility of torrential rainfall in the areas north of the central region, the related underground track facilities are required to conduct reinforced inspection and testing of waterproof gates and pumps, including the Taiwan Railway, high-speed rail, and MRT facilities.
5. For the areas with high possibility of potential disasters, it is required to follow the relevant guidelines by the Central Epidemic Command Center and take precautionary measure for evacuation at daytime and conduct evacuation and resettlement operation in advance.
6. The information related to the flights or sea transportation cancelled due to the weather condition, diverse channels shall be implemented to inform the public in a proactive manner, so that they can take response measures in advance.

        For the latest updates on the typhoon and disaster status, please visit the Central Emergency Operation Center’s disaster information website (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook of the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior (www.facebook.com/NFA999/) (this article is written by: Leng Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100).
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