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Central Emergency Operation Center for Typhoon In-fa

Although Typhoon In-fa is just drifting the edge of the island, typhoon precautions is necessary

It is required to pay extra caution to strong winds and torrential rains in northern Taiwan

The Central Weather Bureau stated that Typhoon In-fa is expected to drift across the northeastern edge of Taiwan during this evening (7/23) to tomorrow (7/24), and it is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain to northern Taiwan. With the impact of the typhoon and its peripheral circulation, the waves in sea areas nearby Taiwan are relatively strong today (7/23). Long waves are expected to occur in the northern and eastern Taiwan (including Orchid Island and Green Island), Hengchun Peninsula and the coast area of Matsu; strong winds equivalent to Grade 8 to 9 are expected in open space areas in the western, northeastern and eastern coastal areas, as well as in Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, especially in the northern coast of Keelung, Yilan Toucheng, Hengchun Peninsula, Orchid Island and Green Island, strong winds equivalent to Grade 9 to 10 are expected from tonight to tomorrow, the general public is urged not to conduct any activities near the sea. During the period of spring tide, rainwater cannot be easily discharged and the low-lying coastal areas need to be aware of standing water and flooding.

The undersecretary of government affairs of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Hua Jing-Qun, who also serves as the deputy commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center, held the seventh working meeting and information research and judgment meeting for Typhoon In-fa at 21:00 today (7/23).
The deputy commander instructed to strengthen the following preparation and preventive measures:
1. Affected by the typhoon, some air transportation, sea transportation, highway and rail systems may be cancelled, suspended or closed as part of the preventive measures. Taking into consideration that tomorrow is weekend, diverse channels are encouraged for making announcement to remind the public. Especially for highway sections with high possibility of causing disaster, it is required to continue to monitor the rainfall amount and initiate control measures in a timely manner as well as prepare a backup evacuation plan in advance to reduce the impact on traffic caused by disasters.

2. At present, some reservoirs are adjusting and releasing water. Please implement early warning measures for the public. At the same time, consider that the period of typhoon rainfall will coincide with the tide, which may cause difficulty in drainage of coastal areas. Please monitor the tide level and rainfall situation and remind the local government Prepare for contingency, and continue to strengthen the maintenance and scheduling of pumping stations and pumps in various places.

3. The Water Conservation Bureau of the Council of Agriculture has issued a red warning for the areas with potential large-scale collapse in Wufeng Township of Hsinchu County, as well as a red warning for 16 earthflow areas. It is required to implement the evacuation operation and strictly conduct rainfall monitoring in areas with high potential of disaster to become islanding. And the emergency response level of the disaster response center shall be raised in a timely manner depending on the disaster status.

4. Please continue to conduct evacuation and resettlement operations, and the shelter is required to implement various epidemic prevention measures according to the epidemic prevention guidelines. For the latest updates on the typhoon and disaster status, please visit the Central Emergency Operation Center’s disaster information website (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook of the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior
 (www.facebook.com/NFA999/) (this article is written by: Leng Chia-Yu, Tel: 02-81966100).
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