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  • 2021-09-12 21:00:00
  • Central Emergency Operation Center
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The storm radius has covered entire Taiwan and the worst effects of the storm will be today The Central Emergency Operation Center reminded the public to be prepared for the typhoon

The latest weather data indicates that the center of Typhoon Chanthu is currently located on the sea about 70 kilometers east southeast of Hualien and drifting northward at a speed of 22 turning 18 kilometers per hour. Its storm circle has covered entire Taiwan and winds and rains continue to occur in the eastern and northeastern region of the country. It is required to be vigilant of strong winds and torrential rains throughout Taiwan (including Orchid Island and Green Island). The operating ships in the sea area around Taiwan and Bashi Strait should pay extra caution. With the impact of the typhoon and its peripheral circulation, the winds and waves intensify significantly and long waves are expected to occur in the sea area around Taiwan today (9/12). Please avoid engaging in any activities near the sea; strong gusts of level 10 or above are expected to occur in the coastal areas of eastern region (including Orchid Island and Green Island), Hengchun Peninsula, and north coast of Keelung; strong gusts of level 8 to 9 are expected to occur in the Greater Taipei area, coastal areas of southern and northern region, Matsu, Kinmen, and Penghu. Please be vigilant of strong gusts.
        The commander of the Central Emergency Operation Center, Minister Xu Guo-Yong of the Ministry of the Interior, held the fifth working meeting for Typhoon Chanthu at 09:00 today (9/12). The commander instructed all units to pay extra caution and take proactive measures to implement various preparation and preventive operations for the typhoon; the following are the key points instructed by the commander:

1. In regards to the traffic control on National Highway No. 5 in Yilan, the police radio station is requested to strengthen the announcement of the time and road section for strong wind control, and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is requested to use diverse media channels to urge the public to follow the rule of road control to ensure their own safety.
2. One of the mountaineers hadn't been in touch. The Forestry Bureau and the National Park Management Office of the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior shall learn from this experience and find out the reason for loss contact for future improvement.
3. When the typhoon passes through Taiwan to the northeastern region, the storm is no longer obstructed by the Central Mountain Range. Since this afternoon, the winds and rains will intensify in Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City; the public in the areas are urged to pay extra caution.
4. Advocate the public to implement measures for pandemic prevention and typhoon prevention, remain vigilant to the intensified long waves and avoid engaging activities in seaside and mountainous areas, strengthen the protection measures for aquaculture and fisheries, the operating vessels in the sea shall pay extra attention of safety, arranging suitable settlement for foreign fishermen, ensuring the normal operation of the drainage system in the low-lying areas, and strengthening the safety monitoring mechanism for slope areas; and it is required to continue to urge local governments to practically implement these operations. We need to emphasize again that the safety of the public is the most important principle for disaster prevention.
5. To take responsive measures for the strong winds caused by typhoons, local governments are requested to strengthen the hanging signboards, the scaffolds on construction sites, advertising materials, fences, and road trees to prevent them from falling. Please supervise the navigation administration unit to strengthen the mooring operations of the docks to avoid stranding of berthed vessels due to strong gusts.
6. Based on the forecast by the Central Weather Bureau, the winds and rains will increase since today’s (9/12) afternoon. The city and county governments must closely monitor the red (yellow) warning alert of earth flows, mudslides and large-scale collapses for areas with higher risk of slope disasters. Under the principle of pandemic prevention, it is also required to proactively adopt the precautionary evacuation as well as implement the shelter and resettlement mechanism in a timely manner.
7. Please urge the construction units to strengthen typhoon preparation and safety measures for ongoing railway and highway projects that are under the construction. In addition, please adopt diverse channels to deliver various information regarding road blocks and precautionary closures as well as traffic suspension information regarding rail facilities, sea and air transportation to the general public.
8. During the period of rainfall brought by the typhoon, the rainwater cannot be easily discharged in coastal areas. Please take proactive measures to monitor the tide level and rainfall conditions and adopt responsive measures (such as moving vehicles to outside of the embankment); it is necessary to continuously strengthen the preparation and dispatch operations for pumping stations and pumping machines in all areas. In addition, the related units are requested to monitor the disaster status regarding power outages and repair the power related facilities as soon as possible, under the principle of safety first.
9. With the impact of the typhoon and its peripheral circulation, long waves are expected to occur and the public is urged to pay extra caution and not going out for any outdoor activities if not necessary; and please enforce the people who play in the water or watch the waves to leave the area to ensure safety of the public.
10. The disaster response and relief center of county and city governments are requested to strengthen the planning of designated warning areas and practically implement various disaster investigation and notification operations. It is required to immediately report to the Central Emergency Operation Center for any casualties.
11. All units for emergency response are requested to continue to be vigilant and prepared, as well as carry out various responsive actions against typhoon, to minimize the disaster loss.
        For the latest updates on the typhoon and disaster status, please visit the Central Emergency Operation Center’s disaster information website (www.emic.gov.tw/) and the Facebook of the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior (www.facebook.com/NFA999/) (this article is written by: Li Ming-Xian. Tel: 02-81966100).
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