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Typhoon Lekima Disaster Prevention and Response - 1st Release

1. Typhoon dynamics (Source: Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication)      
     On August 8th at 9:00 am, severe Typhoon LEKIMA (Internationally named LEKIMA) with its center located at 22.8      degrees north latitude, 125.8 degrees east longitude, which is 500 km from southeastern east of Taipei above the sea, was moving at a speed of 15 km per hour toward the northwestern north. The central air pressure is 925 hectopascals, and the maximum wind speed near the center is 51 meters per second (about 1,84 kilometers per hour ), which is equivalent to category-16 winds. The maximum gust of wind is 63 meters per second (about 227 kilometers per hour ), which is equivalent to category-17 winds or above; category 7 wind storm radius is 250 km, while category 10 wind storm radius is 80 km. It is predicted that the central position at 8:00 on the 9th is at 25.8 degrees north latitude and 123.5 degrees east longitude, that is, about 220 kilometers east of Taipei's northeast . 

    According to the latest statistics, the strength of typhoon No# 9 over the past three hours has slightly increased, its storm circle is gradually approaching the eastern half of Taiwan seashore, which will pose a threat to the sea north of Taiwan and the eastern half of Taiwan seashore (including Orchid Island, Green Island). 
    land warning zone: New Taipei City, Keelung, Taipei, Yilan, Hualien should be strictly guarded against strong winds and heavy rain. 
   Sea warming zone: Any vessels in the northern part of Taiwan and the eastern half of Taiwan (including Orchid Island and Green Island) should be strictly guarded.
   Due to the influence of the typhoon's peripheral circulation, the occurrence of local heavy rain or torrential rain in New Taipei, Yilan, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu mountainous areas are expected today (the 8th); local heavy rain may occur in the north of Miaoli, Taichung mountain, Nantou mountain, Chiayi mountain and Hualien mountains; please pay additional attention to the landslides and falling rocks in the mountain areas. 
   In terms of related precautions, the influence of the typhoon's external circulation has occurred in the northern part of Taiwan, the eastern half (including Green Island and Orchid Island), the southern part of the country and the coastal area of ​​Hengchun Peninsula. The coastal areas of Taiwan (including Green Island and Orchid Island) And Penghu, Kinmen, and Mazu will have strong gusts and large winds and waves, and special attention should be paid to safety when going to the beach.

2. Wind and rain data (Source: Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication)       
Rainfall (statistics collected from 00:00 on Aug 8, 2018 to 09:40 on Aug 8) 
Area Rainfall: mm
Nansha Island, Qijin District, Kaohsiung City 38.5
Cuifeng Lake, Datong Township, Yilan County 33
Taipei Wenshan District Zhinan  32.5
Taipei City Wenshan Maokong 30.0
Xiongkong Mountain, Three Gorges District, New Taipei City 30.0

3. Actions in Response 
    I. The establishment of disaster response center in counties and cities
       (Source: National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior) 
category Level Number of establish ment County name
County First level 2 Yilan County , Hualien County 
Secondary 4 Taipei City, New Taipei City , Hsinchu City, Nantou County
Third 3 Keelung City, Tainan City , Hsinchu County
total    9
     II, Warning Area (Source: National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior)     
     No . 
     III, School and work suspension (Source: Executive Yuan HR Administration General Office)     
     No . 
     IV. Evacuation and containment       
     No . 
     V. Disaster statistics 
         1. Injury or Death (Source: National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior)   
          No . 
         2. Hotline claims (source: Ministry of Economics , including 0808 earthquake disaster hotlines) 
             (1) power: 10,675 households with power outages: 10,556 households recovered, 119 households to be repaired.
             (2) Natural gas: gas outage 300 households.
        3. Traffic conditions (Source: Ministry of Transportation and Communication) 
             (1) 9 airlines were cancelled on international routes and 1 was delayed.
             (2) The sea ​​has been suspended for 13 routes and 64 ships .
        4. Flood disaster situation (Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs) :
     VI. Note ( 0808 earthquake hotlines )       
          August 8th, 2019 at 05:28 - Ilan County Government 36.5 km south east - (Ilan offshore), depth of 22.5 km earthquake : 
          1. scale: Richter magnitude scale 6.0     
          2. depth: 22.5 kilometers
          3. the maximum magnitude: 
              scale 6:  Yilan County,
              scale 5: Yilan City,
              scale 4: Hualien County, New Taipei City, Taipei City, Hsinchu County, Taichung City
              scale 3: Nantou County, Keelung City, Miaoli County, Hsinchu City Changhua County, Yunlin County 
         4. At 05:32, the first earthquake notice was initially received, and the relevant disaster situation and response were immediately investigated as follows: 
             (1) Life and rescue cases: 
                  07:39 - No. 15, Lane 5, Lane 186, Xinsheng Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, 1 woman (about 60 years old) was found pressed in the collapsed wardrobe of the bedroom, and there was no sign of life to send the double hospital. The first aid was invalid and the hospital declared death. 
            (2) power outage: as by economic portion provided on the disaster situation statistics;
            (3) Gas leakage:
            1. 3 cases in Taipei City: all have been processed.
            (1) 05:35 The top of the 7th floor, No. 9, Lane 259, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, the gas barrel is leaked, arrived at the scene at 05:45, leak has been stopped. 
            (2) 06:37 Next to No. 6 Park Street, Science Park, Nangang District, 08:02, leak stopped by Xinhu Gas Company. 
            (3) 06:50 1st Floor, No. 451, Section 2, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District , 06:56 arrived at the scene but detect no value. 
            2. Taichung City 1 case: 05:49 Taiyuan City, South District, Gaoyuan Road, Nanping intersection, tap water pipeline rupture and gas pipe leakage, resulting in a road elevation height of about 10 cm, an area of ​​about 40 square meters, 08:24 by Xinzhong Gas stopped leaking.
            (4) The elevator trapped: 
            1. 5 pieces of Taipei City have been processed and 5 people rescued
            2. 1 in New Taipei City, self escaped.
            (5) Aerial survey:
                 1. 05:49 The National Search Center ordered the Airborne Corps to take off from the helicopter Hualien Airport to conduct an earthquake survey for Hualien and Yilan County. 
                 2. 06:14 Air Force Corps UH-60M (Black Hawk), No. NA-701 took off at Hualien Airport, carried out aerial surveys along Hualien and Yilan District. 
                 3. 08:03 Airborne corps returns, helicopters are empty to explore Hualien County, Yilan County and Suhua Highway, no obvious disaster, 07:47 return to Hualien Airport.


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