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Disaster Prevention and Response Final Report for Typhoon CHOI-WAN

Disaster Prevention and Response Final Report for Typhoon CHOI-WAN
Reporting unit: Central Emergency Operation Center
Time of the statistical data: 2021/06/04 20:30
I. The dynamic status of the typhoon (data source: Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications)
center of tropical storm CHOI-WAN was located at 22.0 degrees north latitude and 121.3 degrees east longitude at 20:00 on June 4, 2021, which is about 40 kilometers northeast of Cape Eluanbi and it is veering north towards northeast at a speed of 37 kilometers per hour. Its central pressure is 1000 hPa and the maximum sustained wind speed near the center is 15 meters per second (equivalent to 54 kilometers per hour), which is equivalent to Grade 7 wind. The maximum instantaneous wind is 23 meters per second (equivalent to 83 kilometers per hour), which is equivalent to Grade 9 wind. The latest weather data indicates that Typhoon CHOI-WAN has weakened and turned into a tropical depression at 20:00 today (06/04). The center is currently on the east northeast seas of Cape Eluanbi, veering towards northeast and its threat on the Hengchun Peninsula, Pingtung and Taitung (including Orchid Island and Green Island) has been lifted.
The eastern seas and Bashi Channel are affected by the peripheral circulation of the tropical depression, thus the wind the wave in the region are still strong and the sailing and operating vessels still need to pay close attention; the wind level in Hengchun Peninsula and Orchid Island is as high as Grade 8 to 10, and strong wind can be seen in southwest region and open space areas along the coast of Kinmen and Matsu; high waves are expected to occur in the southwest region and east region (including Orchid Island and Green Island) and coastal areas of Hengchun Peninsula. Please pay extra caution to safety for any sea activities.
The statistical data of wind and rain (data source: Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications)
Rainfall (statistical data: from 0:00 on June 4, 2021 to 20:10 on June 4, 2021)
Area Rainfall (mm)
National Taiwan University 350.0
Tongtou  249.0
Yi Cui Villa 224.5
II. Responsive actions
1. The establishment of disaster response and relief centers in the counties and cities (data source: National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior)
The establishment of disaster response centers by municipal and county (city) governments:
Level 1 establishment: Taipei City (flooding), Taitung County
Level 2 establishment: Keelung City (flooding), Pingtung County
Level 3 establishment: New Taipei City (flooding)
III. Warning areas
Marked as dangerous areas
Lowland area Mountain area Seaside River Building Others
Pingtung County 0 8 1 15 0 0
Taitung County 15 16 27 166 0 0
Subtotal 15 24 28 181 0 0
Total 248
IV. Statistics of disaster
1. Casualties (data source: National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior)
2. Disaster status of lifeline (data source: Ministry of Economic Affairs)
3. Traffic status (data source: Ministry of Transportation and Communications)
(1) Taiwan Railway: all lines are in normal operation.
(2) High-speed rail: all lines are in normal operation.
(3) Provincial highway: in normal operation.
(4) Highway: all lines are in normal operation.
(5) Post service: in normal operation.
(6) Air transportation: in normal operation.
(7) Sea transportation: today (06/04): 1 line and 8 cruises are suspended (Jidong Port-Xiaoliuqiu: 8 cruises are suspended).
(8) Sightseeing: In response to the level 3 alert of COVID-19 pandemic, the Tourism Bureau has closed tourist attractions within its jurisdiction as a precaution measure.

4. Status of flooding disaster: a total of 306 flooding areas
County/city Number of townships as of now  Total number of disasters Water has retreated (areas) Water has not retreated (areas)
Taipei City 11 274 274 0
New Taipei City 9 30 30 0
Taoyuan City 2 2 2 0
Total 22 306 306 0
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